Never judge a book by its cover …

Why ever not? Sometimes it pays off! Just to clarify, I’m using the phrase in its literal sense and not at all metaphorically, when it comes to people I prefer getting to know them before coming to any conclusions. But yes books. I love them and can’t live without them, but can’t deny the effect of a good cover in making me want to read a new one. When I’m at a bookstore (yes I’m old school like that, so what?) and having bought the books I came there for (sometimes I dont even need a reason but that’s another story) I feel the need to browse, picking up random books and seeing which ones catch my fancy. In cases of writers I don’t know, more often than not, it’s the covers that draw me to them. I may not necessarily like what I read in the blurbs but covers are usually my first point of interest for new stuff.

So without much further digression, here are some of my favourite book covers (in no particular order). I’ve only included the books that I’ve read and loved. Would love to know your favourites so get sharing in the comments section 🙂 Oh and Merry Christmas! Thanks for reading x

The Hobbit - JRR TolkienHobbit1




Stravaganza Collage








The Prisoner of Heaven






blog 1





And last but not the least a childhood favourite that I still love to read every now and then if only to be reminded to never let go of that feeling of wonderment and magic we felt as kids.


2 thoughts on “Never judge a book by its cover …

    1. To be very honest, I’m not a big fan of the film tie-ins, I’d much rather they kept the originals. For me, even though I might like/love the film versions, if the book has been a favourite, it’ll always remain one first. That’s why I’ve only used the originals (newer & later editions included) in this post. However if I dont particularly love the book & the film version is better, I don’t really mind.

      What is your view on this?

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