Gentlemen and Players – Joanne Harris

Gentlemen and Players
Gentlemen and Players

Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris is a dark, psychological thriller set during Michaelmas term at a grammar school somewhere in the North of England. Narrated by two people – one remains mysterious while the other is Roy Straitley, the Classics master and a veteran at the school who has an important part to play in what eventuall happens. This is a story that starts off normal, almost inconspicuous, much like the unknown second narrator of this story who makes the first inobtrusive foray into the forbidden grounds of St. Oswald’s. But it slowly gets dark and you dont really know how much until you are far too caught up in the mess to want out. The reveal/twist at the end massively changes your entire perception about everything, causing much going back to reread bits armed with new, disturbing knowledge. A very unsettling story with interesting voices, a very dry brand of humour and some good writing on the whole that makes you want to keep reading. The plot device at the end works to a large extent but is maybe a bit exaggerated or too fantastic to believe at times. Would definitely recommend it though!

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