Reading year 2018

Overall, I’ve had a very good reading year again. My Bookstagram has a list of my favourites from 2018, some of my plans for 2019, as well as musings on the year gone by. Check it out at @booksinboston.

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Fredrik Backman appreciation post. You know when you read an author and fall so overwhelmingly in love that you want to read all his work immediately but also wait so you can savour it? That was FB for me in 2018. I read Beartown at a particularly vulnerable time this summer and I was swept away by the sheer force of the emotion, by the honesty and sensitivity of the prose, and the deep deep study of human nature in all its flawed glory. Us Against You followed soon after alongwith And The Way Home Gets Longer Every Time, and my allegiance only grew. I'm awed by how simple yet beautiful his words are, how wise his insights, how sincere the intentions, and how unashamed the joy and intensity of feeling. I can't wait to read the rest of his work in 2019. And then start rereading. Thank you for everything @backmansk 💙 #AnuReviews2018

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Some statistics

Number of books read – 107

Female authors – 48
Male authors – 31
(I read multiple books by some, but only counted them once.)

New authors – 55

Rereads – 10

Audiobooks – 4/5 (many of my HP rereads were a combination of Stephen Fry’s audio versions and the actual books)

One thought on “Reading year 2018

  1. Reading can take you on great adventures, be your best teacher, expose you to different cultures, the benefits are endless! Thanks for your post and blog. Please come by my blog and vote in my New Year’s Poll. This is my blog’s first poll!

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