Nowhere Man – Aleksandar Hemon (A book review)

“Ordinary facts are arranged within time, strung along its length as on a thread. There they have their antecedents and their consequences, which crowd tightly together and press hard one upon the other without any pause. This has its importance for any narrative, of which continuity and successiveness are the soul. Yet what is to … More Nowhere Man – Aleksandar Hemon (A book review)

Writing in 2016

2016 has been another good year for me and my writing, and I’m grateful to all the platforms that were willing to publish my work. From flash fiction to short stories to prose and found poems to football pieces and book reviews, there’s a bit of everything in there. Features Capote’s Christmas. Published on Thresholds … More Writing in 2016

Double Digits

Here is my latest flash available to read on Zero Flash. You can read the rest of this 196 words vignette at